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"The lower you fall, the higher you'll fly.”

3 May 1983
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I like making things, arty things or foody things or just pretty things in general. I like having parties and playing silly games. I get obssessed with things, particularly comedy, (man i can spend hours on youtube or listening to podcasts), and particularly when I need to escape my own head. I have been happy and I have been very sad and I have been a bit crazy. I love love love festivals and have worked in the kids field the last three glastonburys and I LOVE it there, it is my spiritual home and I wish it existed always. I like water, a lot, and love living by the sea. I like being out in the elements in general. I try and derive pleasure from the free things in life like flowers and flags and sunsets and clouds and puddles, but it ain't always easy. I'm getting into more and more obscure music- another form of escapism.
I'm setting up this live journal to keep me writing and to record stuff, innit.